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Daven Hiskey October 20, 3: This pretty lady can't wait to Pieces of her favorite pink phone are scattered around the house and she needs to find them a

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The hat at the hospital is pink! All their bedding and stuffed toys are pink. Family buys clothes for them in shades of pink. Well i mean they have some of the facts right. There was a reason for the original color blue. As well as why the colors were switched later on. The use of blue originated in what it commonly referred to as ancient times like egypt where blue was thought to be able to ward off evil spirits because it represented the heavens.

So young boys in many cultures were dressed in blue because their survival was viewed as more important. Later as time progressed children were often simply dressed in white but due to messes etc, pastel colors were brought in during the mid 19th century.

Nor marketing companies defined pink as appropriate for boys and blue for girls. This was because it was arbitrarily decided that pink was more masculine. So the color was given to girls and blue to boys which has been continually pushed by marketers since. Nobody bats a thousand. Pretty sure that pinks and oranges are the colours for boys in India today.

A few random facts on apparel—1 In AD , Emperor Theodosius I of Rome exiled men in pants as political subversives and seized their property. And there we have it. She was wearing pants to her job at a war factory.

However, women were expected to change into pants inside so as to not offend the intolerant, psychiatrically pandered public, and to change back out of pants before leaving.

At that point, Federal administrators cracked down on the Chicago City Council to amend its stupid city ordinance, because it was deemed that the war effort was more important than giving assent to idiotic psychiatric dogma. There are hardly any female intrinsic garments besides bras. It certainly makes sense for a small child of any gender to wear a dress. Can you imagine the laundry you would have to hand wash when the cloth diaper leaked if they wore pants?!

The color association seems odd to me anyhow. I never really cared for pink growing up either. Toys are toys, colors are colors, and clothes are clothes in my family. Just a theory …what do you reckon? My mother started training us when we started standing up.

As one year olds, all of us were able to walk and did not need diapers any more. As the article says, most humans like blue and do not like pink, regardless of gender. One of the other reasons that I learned in Religious Studies, and there is some debate that it is apocryphal, is that there is the association of red with Jesus, think of the red cross on the shields of the crusaders , and blue with Mary, who is most often pictured wearing blue and white.

NO you notice the time frame of those boys dressed up like girls, this is right after the Civil War most women were bat sht crazy at that time and mothers were way to protective of their boys.

I hate it when a liberal tries to tie in inaccuracies with history. Way too protective of their boys? Theirs boys wielding axes at 8 and 9? Going to war at 14? And to call women of that time bat shit crazy is just ignorant and downright stupidity. And before you say more stupid shit, yes, right after the civil war there were other conflicts.

During the period in question of course boys and girls were referred to as different sexes, not genders. The article would have articulated its point better if it had referred to the colour conventions as pertaining to gender, rather than the boys and girls themselves. Your email address will not be published. Future President Franklin D.

A Young boy in Articles Featured Facts Misc. Sara November 1, 8: White boys have pink penises and pink lips as well. Emma October 3, 1: However they can get blue balls hahah. Laurie Swenson August 21, 4: Elizabeth Walker February 29, 6: Coen Vanderstede October 20, 5: Daven Hiskey October 20, 3: Melissa November 27, 5: M August 13, 7: Martina Oresanska September 14, 1: MarcoC October 23, 4:

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