How to Wear a Breton Navy-striped Top

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I live in Northern Ontario, Haileybury. If the genus Chaetodon is split up, Exornator might become a subgenus of Lepidochaetodon. It looks to be missing it's thorn on it's tail and looks like a button.

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Types/shapes of shoe laces strings

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I cannot find a picture of it. It seems to have been hibernating, and is alive and moving around now that it is in the house. We have been feeding it lettuce. Any ideas what it could be? Am I able to send you a picture for identification purposes? It was in a mixture of old wet horse manure - i was trying to make solid to walk on After 3 days rain i removed wood that was over it- It was Clear - chubby fat!

An dark at one end- once exposed it worked back into the ground. Wish i had chickens! I live in the Adirondacks of northern New York. This fella is about 3 inches long, tan, with white raised knobs that look more like short spikes near the head. It also has some white hair scattered on its very smooth, fat body. The head and tail end look very similar and it reacts when touched by bringing its tail end around like it might sting? I'd love to send you a picture to find out more.

I thought it might be some kind of moth Caterpillar. KC Hicks Jul Not sure what he may be growing into. He also had long white stripes down his length. Not hairy but if I remember properly he may have had tufts at his feet. I appreciate your time. I do have an iPhone picture if that may help. With thanks, KC Hicks. David Oxford May I was wondering if you knew of this species? Could be a Black Swallowtail. Thanks for taking the time to collect them and name them.

I was able, I think, to correctly identify the caterpillar my son insisted we save from the perilous urban sidewalk, and hopefully will be able to figure out what to feed it as it is, for now, a pet!

What a wonderful collection of very clear and helpful photographs! I was washing out some brocoli and there appeared before me a black bodied with white horizonal stripes and yellow bellied catipllar with very slight fuzz. I am curious as to what kind it is. You've some photos that come close yet the white lines are horizontal.

Brenda Briggs Sep I was not able to locate the caterpillar in my possession, however and I am anxious to identify it because I would like it to metamorphosize in the cup I have provided for it. It is wooly and brown with an oh so tiny wooly tail. I found it attached to th watering can which drips water into my bird bath. When I say it is wooly I mean that the wool is dense without spaces between the hairs as in some of the woolies.

It is totally light brown in color. Will you answer me directly to my e-mail? Glend Clark Sep It looks like a face on it. It has black marking for the eyes and above it is what looked like marking for ears and looking straight at it it looked like a smiling mouth. It was the cutes thing I every saw. When we put a stick down and got it on it it put out a odor that was a sweet smell. I have a pictue of it. Some one thought it was a horn devil but it didn't have any horns.

Gina G Sep I need help identifing a caterpillar I found. I'm not seeing any pictures of it and am curious as to whether it's a butterfly or moth catepillar. It's plump and about 4 inches long. We found your site and loved looking at all the caterpillars but were unable to identify our caterpillar Christine Howells Sep I found a pink caterpillar on my rose bushes - it has been eating rose petals for 4 days now - do you know what it is? Ken Brennen Sep And each of the pictures is excellent for identifying a find.

Your site is one of the natural wonders of the internet. Thanks for all the time and work it took to put it all together. We found a large caterpillar greenish-blue in color about the diameter of a nickel, with black thorns on its body. We live Pittsburgh PA. Could you tell me what it might be. It's actually a laurel sphinx sphinx kalmiae. I have photos of it. I've found one with 4 really yellow tufts, and an orange striped body.

He is green slanted white stripes down his side with black dots on the sides of the stripes. Yajaira Love Jun It's beige with white slashes. It looks to be missing it's thorn on it's tail and looks like a button.

I would love to share a picture of it since I never found one like mine on the web. Amy Leisure Jun I took a picture of something and cannot identify it. May I send you the pict?

It looks like a white fuzzy worm with green horizontal stripes, red legs with yellow and purple wings. It has fuzzy antenna. Thanks for any input. Mary Ellen May Thanks so much for sharing your photos and knowledge with others,like me, who want to learn more, but haven't got a clue what they're looking at. It had a fat head and a few bristles coming out of its back. I thought it might be a prominent. I put it in a bug box. It didn't do anything but crawl around.

Eventually, I read where some caterpillars build cocoons out of dead wood. I added some wood chips and it glued two of them together while it was inside. I let it sit for about a month with no luck.

Then I pried it open to discover the pupae inside was still alive. After months, a dark gray smallish moth emerged. Its antennae are not "fluffy" like some moths and there are a few blackish mottlings on its wings. I live in NW Missouri. Sorry, I don't have a good way to upload a pic. Thanks in advance for ay help. Feb is usually when they start to come out and we're seeing some unidentified red rashes after school but haven't seen any tiny baby caterpillars yet.

Have any been seen elsewhere? Joel De Trinis Sep It has to be one of the scariest Caterpillars I've ever seen.

Any advice on caring for it? I'd like to keep it until it pupates. Baker and found a bright yellow green striped caterpiller without hair. It was similiar in size and the mouth looked like Are you familiar with this species? Tom Murray Apr There's a few pictures in this gallery around We couldn't tell if they really were eyes or just "coloring to look like eyes". They were wild looking!

They also had totally cleared the leaves off several of our potted plants. The next day there were lots of little green "worms" all over the 2 pots and still several of the big ones were there.

I thought Luna Moths were rare? Oral Deckard Sep We would find those worms everywhere so we just called them Tobacco Worms. Does anyone have any info on how to care for a Woolly Bear Caterpillar during the winter? Image of Miranda Kerr - courtesy by Flynet Flirty A trick to prettify a classic garment is to combine it with a skirt a pair of heels. I just adore how Karla KarlasCloset. She upped the chicness with a neutral clutch, vintage tortoise shades and an interesting statement necklace.

Sunglasses - Necklace - Skirt - Purse - Pumps Other than this outfit example you might want to look into these flirty pairings: Floral skirt, floral skirt, peplum skirt, wedge sandals, glamorous oversized sunglasses Image courtesy of Karlascloset. But she still managed to chic it up with black ankle booties and cool sunglasses. Sunglasses - Tote bag - Blazer - Pumps - Jeans Another suggestion to help polish this look even more: Add a pearl necklace and rather go for a structured tote handbag.

A pair of pumps can also do magic! Image via Fabsugar How would you wear a navy-striped top? Click here to add your own comments. Return to Blog - Chic Inspiration. Sep 18, Breton Navy-striped Top by: Anonymous I'm searching for a navy-striped top and have not been able to find one yet. If anyone finds one on the web, please send me the link! Jan 29, Love yooo by: Analynn I love how Both sporty and classic a Breton can be. In my case, I'd just throw it on with leather jacket and White jeans and a stud bag.

Nov 10, Love Bretons! Anonymous I like pearl studs or silver hoops with the Breton. I can't think of any way to go wrong with this style top. Variation with it is creative and interesting! It is also of minor importance to local commercial fisheries. Cook Islands by Sami Salmenkivi.

It is a quite distinct species, but most closely related to the Speckled Butterflyfish C. Together they are basal in the subgenus Exornator, and might be intermediate between the core group of this subgenus and the species of the Rhombochaetodon or Roaops lineage.

If that is correct, the latter would require to be merged into Exornator. If the genus Chaetodon is split up, Exornator might become a subgenus of Lepidochaetodon. Striped Large-eye Bream, Gnathodentex aureolineatus.

Easily recognized from a yellow blotch on the back. Inhabits subtidal reef flats, lagoons, and seaward reefs. May be solitary or in groups. Sometimes forms aggregations of about a hundred or more individuals. Feeds at night on benthic invertebrates like crabs and gastropods, occasionally on small fish. Recently reported from Norfolk Island. Olive Anthias, Pseudanthias olivaceus.

Moth Caterpillars

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